Orlie Beer

Registered Psychologist

Orlie Beer is a registered psychologist, a workplace trainer/facilitator and an HR consultant. She is also an accredited trainer with the Beyond Blue and with The Blackdog Institute’s Workplace Programs. Orlie has over nineteen years of experience working in community, hospital and corporate settings with a variety of clients.
Orlie completed her Master of Psychology studies at The University of Sydney, and since then has been providing therapy to individuals, families and couples dealing with diverse mental health and life-issues such as grief and loss, adjustment to disability, chronic illness, anxiety, depression and other mood disorders, career and relationship concerns, managing change and conflict management. She is skilled at assisting people with navigating complex life transitions such as during grief, when moving between cultures, changing careers; adjusting to ill health or to a changed family situation.

Orlie has expertise with behavioural-cognitive and schema therapies. Depending on clients’ preferences and needs, she also incorporates expressive therapies, narrative therapy and mindfulness techniques.

Orlie’s style is warm, affirming, respectful, and practical. She aims to assist people with clarifying their needs and values, strengthen and increase their sense of psychological versatility, and to affirm their sense of meaning and purpose.

Orlie is also a competent facilitator and a public speaker. She conducts workshops and seminars on a range of topics including mental illness in the workplace, resilience building, communication skills, leadership, and dealing with change and restructure. She also provides coaching, career transition advice, and facilitated discussions for managers and senior leaders.

Outside work, Orlie is a mother, a partner, a dog owner, a singer and an occasional violin player.

Orlie’s experience and commitment to continuing professional development, brings a breadth and depth of ability to Life Unlimited and our clients.