Organisational Solutions

Life Unlimited has been working with organisations from all sectors for over ten years to improve the health and well-being of your people and ultimately the success of your organisation.

We work with your company or agency to assess what the issues are and then we collaborate with you to tailor a solution that best suits.

We are skilled in providing interactive and evidence-based training in Emotional Resilience, Effective Communication, Assertiveness, promoting Respect and Diversity at Work (creating harassment-free workplaces) as well as a range of initiatives from mediating conflict to developing organisation-wide well-being programs.

Bootcamp for the Brain

Sue Read – presenting Bootcamp for the Brain Canberra

Sue Read presenting Bootcamp for the Brain


Wellbeing and resilience are strong predictors of workplace productivity and being able to bounce back quicker in response to difficult times and situations. This workshop will assist staff and managers to develop skills in the following areas:

  • Clearly understand the physiological, psychological and behavioural consequences of chronic and sustained stress and how these can impact on work performance, productivity, team morale and health;
  • Understand how to exercise the brain to train for peak cognitive performance and recovery;
  • Understand the key factors that influence and improve resilience in self and staff;
  • Discuss key concepts for dealing with a difficult working environment, including dealing with change and peak work pressures.
  • Identify the most important practical strategies for recovery of mind and body;
  • Develop individual self-care plans to assist participants to ‘switch-off’ when they can so that they can ‘switch-on’ when they have to.

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Respect and Diversity at Work

You may be interested in our upcoming seminar, Respect and Diversity at Work: Creating a Harassment Free Workplace. This half day seminar or one-day workshop is designed to raise awareness for staff and managers, and assist to prevent and manage workplace bullying and harassment.  We can tailor the workshop to suit the needs of your organisation and we offer specific workshops for employees and for managers. Read more…

Assertiveness at Work

We also offer a seminar Assertiveness at Work which focuses on increasing your assertiveness in the workplace. Our seminar will help you learn how to be an assertive communicator – express your feeling, thoughts, beliefs and opinions in an open and direct way. Read more…